The 2013 Colorado flood struck Big Elk Meadows particularly hard. All five of our dams were washed away and the lakes and wetlands are gone. The water distribution system along with the roads, electrical, and phone services need to be rebuilt so that we can return to our homes.

The Volunteer Fire Department of Big Elk is an all-volunteer nonprofit 501c3. We have established an "EMERGENCY RECOVERY" fund to help with the emergency needs of this disaster.
Donations can be made to “VFD of Big Elk” and sent to:
Big Elk VFD
42 Willow Drive
Lyons, Co 80540


For updates and to keep in touch, see our Facebook Page.

Facebook Updates

Friday Sep 19 - 9:21pm
Thank you, Pinewood Springs resident, for donating the cost of internet service for one month to the VFD through the effort. November 26 Bill Bilsing of Exede came into Big Elk to install internet service for the first time at the firehouse. Firefighter Leann is shown assisting Bill. Thank you, PWS!
Thursday Sep 18 - 10:01pm
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Monday Sep 15 - 10:24pm
Yes. Thank you. Whether our small fire department gets any more spontaneous donations or not is irrelevant, the most important thing is we thank those who took the time to say with dollars you care. We will be ok. We are Mountain Strong and that strength comes not just from the area but from the volunteers from all over the country who came to our valley to help. We thank you.
Monday Sep 15 - 10:13pm
Thank you, Dee! Everyone needs to know that Virgil Good of Crossroads Ministry has the fastest dry wit of anyone and that the VFD of Big Elk is profiled on the Mountain Strong site - go check us out. We're go grateful.
Monday Sep 15 - 10:06pm
We were so lucky compared to Jamestown. We did miss two of our main fundraisers, but we will come back stronger. If you wish to help, here's a link for the VFD.
Saturday Sep 13 - 4:05am Elk VFD shared Firefighter Wife's photo.
Friday Sep 12 - 3:07pm
Over thirty nonprofits affected by the flood have joined in an effort to highlight opportunities for YOU to be part of the team to help in flood recovery. Choose us - or visit the other nonprofits and learn how amazing our community is with an abundance of goodness. Today marks a milestone - one year of volunteerism, of continued nonprofit work, of people pitching in. Please consider adding a note when you do share the VFD link's address.
Friday Sep 12 - 9:17am
Have you hugged a VFD today? You can do a virtual hug by sharing our link - especially today - the anniversary of the flood (even though some of us agree it started on the 9/11)!
Thursday Sep 11 - 2:48pm
These people have directly helped VFD of Big Elk in its presence on the Mountain Strong for Nonprofits project. Thanks for all you've done to inspire and MOVE us into action and SHAKE UP the possibilities. Hope everyone pitches in to share the link to and add a personal message about our VFD.
Tuesday Sep 9 - 5:27pm
Thank you Nebraska for your donation to the VFD! We are humbled by your support.
Monday Sep 8 - 8:02pm Thank you for sharing our entry on the Mountain Strong for Nonprofits with family and friends.
Monday Sep 8 - 4:38pm
The flood actually started on September 11 late in the evening when some residents discovered a massive failure of their cement wall nestled in rock and earth on Hemlock Drive. Deputy Shane Stephenson was trapped in Big Elk well before the 1am 911 tone on September 12 when the VFD of Big Elk was toned to a rescue on Big Elk Road. When he watched Big Red 4901 cross Mirror Lake Dam he thought he was watching the first fatalities. He reported to Fire Chief Nelson CR 47 was gone. About the same time we could hear people on Hickory calling for help, (visitors who had a rental car that ended up stranded for months - no mercy by the rental company) - but the people of Big Elk have shown much compassion and generosity helping each other. We're reaching out to friends and family and friends of friends for support. You can help by sharing this video with a few words of explanation - asking them to look for the VFD of Big Elk's entry to help nonprofits affected by the flood. Thank you for whatever you can do to spread the word.
Sunday Sep 7 - 8:30pm
The anxiety in her voice... I'm so sorry she was experiencing this. You would never know Estes Park flooded like this if you were to drive the main street. Still painful financial burdens for people, still recovery going on. Thanks for sharing one person's view. We've come so far. Coming September 12, the launch date to help nonprofits impacted by the flood.
Wednesday Sep 3 - 10:53pm
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Tuesday Sep 2 - 10:39pm
VFD of BEM, Only a little over a week till the Anniversary Dinner. I hope to have well over $1,000.00 to help with your losses. Please check with Glenn Christensen to see there is still time to purchase a dinner. All of the proceeds of the $25.00 will go to you. Invitation to an Anniversary Dinner in Estes Park at Mary's Lake Lodge as a Fund Raiser for the flood of 2013 on Friday September 12, 2014 Cash Bar Social Hour is at 6 p.m. - Dinner will be served at 7 p.m. Share a wonderful dinner with friends & family and raise money for Big Elk Meadows at the same time. All dinners have been donated, so your cost of $25.00 per person goes directly to benefit the organization of your choice. Big Elk Meadows Fire Department, (make check out to VFD of Big Elk Meadows) Please send your checks to Glenn Christensen at P.O. Box 2571 – Lyons, CO 80540. Glenn has agreed to help me finalize this dinner since The dinner is limited to 150 guests. If you can’t attend, but would like to donate, your donation can be earmarked for one of the many volunteers who have helped with the recovery to attend the dinner in your place. Please contact them and give us their name. Your full donation will still go to the organization of your choice. Of course, any additional donations are most welcome! Remember, to bring your family & friends. Please include full names of attendees, address, phone & Email address for each person attending so we confirm receipt of your check. Send checks to the addresses above. Co-Chairman, Guy Scoma & Glenn Christensen
Tuesday Sep 2 - 7:53pm
The Power of Mountain Strong for Nonprofits GET READY! COMING SEPTEMBER 12! The VFD of Big Elk has joined more than 30 other local nonprofits participating in Mountain Strong for Nonprofits. Just as people from around the country rallied with Mountain Strong t-shirts for flood recovery, we hope they will support us through this new fundraising collaborative.* The power of this program, however, comes from supporters like you sharing the website and video with friends and family! On the anniversary you'll see the unveiling of the Mtn Strong project. Thank you for reaching out beyond the valley in support of! *We are not paying to participate and donations come directly to us with no fees assessed by the website or EPNRC.
Tuesday Sep 2 - 10:07am
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Monday Sep 1 - 9:22pm
Good firefighters. Big Elk VFD shared WKRN-TV Nashville's photo.
Saturday Aug 30 - 10:30pm
SHARING an email from an awesome Director - COMING SOON - a chance to help nonprofits affected by the flood: Last year, Colorado experienced horrific flooding and devastation. As the anniversary of these tragic events approaches, the Estes Park Nonprofit Resource Center (EPNRC) has joined with Stage 2 Studios and Neanderthal Marketing to announce Mountain Strong for Nonprofits. This new online marketing collaborative is designed to raise seriously needed funding for the local nonprofit community. The program will assist in rebuilding efforts following last year’s flood and will help increase capacity for nonprofit organizations that serve Colorado residents most affected by the flooding. We will be launching this new online marketing collaborative on September 12, the anniversary of the flood at the Mountain Rivers Jubilee Event at the new Estes Park Events Center. I'm reaching out to ask if you can specifically help us by sharing Mountain Strong for Nonprofits through your social media platforms. You can do this by sharing the following link, posting our teaser video or by liking us on Facebook and sharing our posts from there. We appreciate any help you can give us. We're happy to cross promote anniversary events happening around the state you all are aware of. teaser video is the page for the Mountain Strong For Nonprofits program Thirty five area nonprofits are participating in this collaboration: Estes Valley Restorative Justice Partnership Art Center of Estes Park Lyons Community Foundation Estes Park Museum Friends & Foundation, Inc Estes Valley Victim Advocates Estes Park Economic Development Corporation The Estes Park Learning Place VFD of Big Elk Estes Valley Land Trust Caring Pregnancy Center of Estes Valley Rocky Mountain Conservancy Pet Association of Estes Park Estes Park Medical Center Foundation Crossroads Ministry of Estes Park, Inc. Estes Valley Library Glen Haven Area Volunteer Fire Department Families For Estes Estes Park Nonprofit Resource Center Glen Haven Flood Relief, Inc. Estes Park Music Festival Estes Valley Historical Preservation Foundation Estes Valley Investment in Childhood Success Ballet Renaissance League of Women Voters Estes Park & Community Recycling Committee Rocky Mountain Performing Arts Center Boys & Girls Clubs of Larimer County Harmony Foundation Fine Arts Guild of the Rockies Partners Mentoring Youth Healing Waters Foundation, Inc. YMCA of the Rockies Food Bank for Larimer County History and Heroes Foundation Inc MacGregor Ranch Rocky Ridge Music Center Many thanks! Jill Lancaster Director Estes Park Nonprofit Resource Center P.O. Box 4221, Estes Park, CO 80517
Thursday Aug 28 - 11:17pm
Zip! Just like that, a donation came in all the way from Louisiana! Thank you, Louisiana, for your constancy in support and cheer throughout this year. Firefighters and community members built a zip line to connect the community. Rainbow Dam was one of five dams destroyed in the flood almost a year ago. Thanks to our profile on Colorado Gives, it's easy to donate online. A year later - we just got a bid for the rebuilding of this dam. The company that came in a week after the flood to help us rebuild a road out won the lowest bid.
Monday Aug 25 - 10:26am
T H A N K you!!!!! We reached 500 likes just in a morning's effort.
Monday Aug 25 - 8:06am
Copy the video link - the interviews of firefighters and residents of Big Elk Meadows - graciously, most generously donated by Brian Brown of Brown Cow Productions in Estes Park! THEN SHARE IT ON FACEBOOK AND you could just add it to YOUR EMAIL SIGNATURE! Thank you so much for whatever you can do to spread the word.
Monday Aug 25 - 7:55am
Only four likes away from 500! Thank you, people!
Monday Aug 25 - 7:15am
You know how hard it is to write a thank you note. Find the stationery. Find a perfect writing instrument. Where are the stamps? Here's an advance tip. Get your credit card handy. A big push to help nonprofits coming in September on the anniversary of the flood will give you an opportunity to say thanks with a donation! We hope the VFD is your first choice. Big Elk VFD shared Estes Park Nonprofit Resource Center's photo.
Thursday Aug 21 - 11:05am
On the day of the Flood Recovery Expo, when our firefighters were to be honored by Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith, a two-helicopter/one ambulance traffic accident occurred between Big Elk/Pinewood and Estes Park. Fire Chief Renouf was en route to Estes, not in his fire truck but in his red corvette, EMR Diane was all dressed up as were other firefighters. Picture Diane with the beautiful earrings she wears with a yellow bunker gear coat and you've got the image of wonderful volunteers. They stop everything to HELP. What you may not know is that Chief Renouf immediately called his wife on the Big Elk radio which she heard while in the shower at home - with soap in her hair and a towel around her, she used their personally-equipped car radio to expedite a call to Boulder Dispatch. Twelve of our firefighters responded, some first on scene. Hooray for the VFD of Big Elk, Pinewood Springs Fire Protection District, Estes Ambulance, law enforcement, Medevac, and even LONGMONT EMERGENCY SQUAD came! Help support that wonderful kind of giving by tax supported districts and also volunteers who have to have fundraisers to continue this kind of response.
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Mission Statement

As Volunteers and within the capabilities of our equipment and training, we are pledged to protect the people of the Big Elk Meadows community area from emergencies and natural disasters and to render assistance in the event of medical emergencies. Beyond immediate safety of our neighbors, we also strive to protect the forest that surround us and the homes in which we live.

42 Willow Drive
Lyons, Co 80540
Phone 303-823-5717
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