The 2013 Colorado flood struck Big Elk Meadows particularly hard. All five of our dams were washed away and the lakes and wetlands are gone. The water distribution system along with the roads, electrical, and phone services need to be rebuilt so that we can return to our homes.

The Volunteer Fire Department of Big Elk is an all-volunteer nonprofit 501c3. We have established an "EMERGENCY RECOVERY" fund to help with the emergency needs of this disaster.
Donations can be made to “VFD of Big Elk” and sent to:
Big Elk VFD
42 Willow Drive
Lyons, Co 80540


For updates and to keep in touch, see our Facebook Page.

Facebook Updates

Sunday Mar 30 - 1:23pm
Click the ADOPT NOW button. Select Big Elk Meadows VFD, please! Please share on your page so many more can help Big Elk VFD.
Wednesday Mar 26 - 1:48pm
Thank you Donna for inviting me to LIKE your page.
Saturday Mar 22 - 8:02am
Powerful video
Sunday Mar 9 - 10:36pm
"Brandi can he still do it?" on their own status.
Sunday Mar 9 - 9:25pm
Attempted to take Big Red down the mountain to get an estimate. With the help of Eno Compton we got it running but the breaks are so bad we decided it should not be driven. Time for Plan C
Sunday Mar 9 - 8:03am
Is anyone able to creat a video showing the destruction to the meadows? We need one for fund razing and information.
Monday Mar 3 - 10:08am
FEMA will pay us 19.83 per hour for the time Firefighters spent doing Emergency services work. all you gotta do is write it down. The forms are in the fire department.
Thursday Feb 20 - 9:13am
"Shared!" on their own link.
Thursday Feb 20 - 9:09am
Gallant 4901, stranded on Hickory Island during the flood, must be retired. It responded with two firefighters across Mirror Lake Dam and got stuck on the hillside. Once the dams failed there was no way to get it home. Every effort was made to protect it (antifreeze, draining it). Massive leaks.
Wednesday Feb 19 - 10:48pm
SHARE ON YOUR PAGE so your friends and their friends and everyone's friends can pitch in to win a prize and help the Big Elk Meadows Volunteer Fire Department - $19 is returned to the VFD. Online
Monday Feb 17 - 8:01am
Monday Feb 17 - 7:27am
Our mutual aid neighbor - Pinewood Springs -
Wednesday Feb 12 - 9:35pm
Time for thank you notes. One done. We haven't thanked everyone who has been so generous and supportive during this difficult road home. While the crew works in the wind and frozen dirt, the Vernons let us borrow their handy ATV. Just today we enjoyed a birthday lunch for Vicky, compliments of the Granthams' donation of a ham and every flavor of Girl Scout cookies. They represent the rest of you who continue to give unselfishly. Oh, by the way, any time you want to bring more water, go for it. We're so far behind thanking people!
Tuesday Feb 11 - 3:30pm
Big Elk VFD updated their cover photo.
Monday Feb 10 - 12:18pm
Tax-deductible contributions to help us rebuild access within our community? Yes, please! VFD of Big Elk, POB 3790, Estes Park, Colorado 80517. The flood washed away our roadside mailbox so we're using a POB in nearby Estes Park. PS -Apologies! Earlier post had our OLD zip code. Thankfully, Doris Hoy caught it!)
Monday Feb 10 - 9:27am
I forgot! What is the new PO box for the VFD of Big Elk? A friend in Alabama wants to send a donation! Yippee.
Sunday Feb 9 - 7:10pm
What is the VFD mailing address now? I lost track of it - POBox ???? Estes Park Co 80517 - A friend wants to make a donation!
Saturday Feb 8 - 1:45pm
"AND it may have been Josh or..." on their own status.
Saturday Feb 8 - 1:31pm
Thank you, Pinewood firefighters, for the mutual aid in always responding to Big Elk 911 calls. Photos taken late June 2012 during our annual auction and bake sale - thanks to a child and a Pinewood Springs resident for noticing a house smoldering.
Saturday Feb 8 - 1:22pm
Support Pinewood Springs Fire Protection District in its efforts to raise funds for a new fire station TONIGHT at 6PM at the Colorado Cherry Company - presenting a flood-delayed kickoff event! PIZZA, PIE and a cash-bar... Pinewood Springs is our mutual aid partner. They helped save our neighborhood during an incident in 2012 when a smoldering fire was observed by a child and Pinewood Springs resident. Show your support even if it's in little ways - donations, small and large, welcomed!
Wednesday Feb 5 - 11:47am
cool song
Saturday Feb 1 - 11:25pm
The Forest Service is burning slash piles along cr47.
Friday Jan 31 - 10:31pm
Happy for Glen Haven sad that our request was denied
Friday Jan 31 - 4:24pm
For obvious reasons we think its best to cancel training this Saturday. Enjoy the snow and be careful
Monday Jan 20 - 12:31pm
@GlenhavenBig Elk VFD shared Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons's photo.
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Mission Statement

As Volunteers and within the capabilities of our equipment and training, we are pledged to protect the people of the Big Elk Meadows community area from emergencies and natural disasters and to render assistance in the event of medical emergencies. Beyond immediate safety of our neighbors, we also strive to protect the forest that surround us and the homes in which we live.

42 Willow Drive
Lyons, Co 80540
Phone 303-823-5717
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