The 2013 Colorado flood struck Big Elk Meadows particularly hard. All five of our dams were washed away and the lakes and wetlands are gone. The water distribution system along with the roads, electrical, and phone services need to be rebuilt so that we can return to our homes.

The Volunteer Fire Department of Big Elk is an all-volunteer nonprofit 501c3. We have established an "EMERGENCY RECOVERY" fund to help with the emergency needs of this disaster.
Donations can be made to “VFD of Big Elk” and sent to:
Big Elk VFD
42 Willow Drive
Lyons, Co 80540


For updates and to keep in touch, see our Facebook Page.

Facebook Updates

Thursday Aug 21 - 11:05am
On the day of the Flood Recovery Expo, when our firefighters were to be honored by Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith, a two-helicopter/one ambulance traffic accident occurred between Big Elk/Pinewood and Estes Park. Fire Chief Renouf was en route to Estes, not in his fire truck but in his red corvette, EMR Diane was all dressed up as were other firefighters. Picture Diane with the beautiful earrings she wears with a yellow bunker gear coat and you've got the image of wonderful volunteers. They stop everything to HELP. What you may not know is that Chief Renouf immediately called his wife on the Big Elk radio which she heard while in the shower at home - with soap in her hair and a towel around her, she used their personally-equipped car radio to expedite a call to Boulder Dispatch. Twelve of our firefighters responded, some first on scene. Hooray for the VFD of Big Elk, Pinewood Springs Fire Protection District, Estes Ambulance, law enforcement, Medevac, and even LONGMONT EMERGENCY SQUAD came! Help support that wonderful kind of giving by tax supported districts and also volunteers who have to have fundraisers to continue this kind of response.
Thursday Aug 21 - 10:51am
VFD VOLUNTEER HOURS FOR 2013 5296 HOURS Thank you, volunteers! It's been a long road home and accounting for the volunteer hours has been tedious and heartwarming. From January through August - 1973 hours. AND THEN CAME THE FLOOD - from September through December - 3323 hours.
Wednesday Aug 20 - 1:21pm
Get ready for the anniversary of the flood and change the sad to glad by donating to a nonprofit favorite that was impacted - hoping that is US, the VFD of Big Elk.
Wednesday Aug 20 - 10:50am
Six VFD of Big Elk members responded to ANOTHER abandoned campfire in Johnny Park a few days ago.
Tuesday Aug 19 - 8:21pm
Invitation to an Anniversary Dinner in Estes Park at Mary's Lake Lodge as a Fund Raiser for the flood of 2013 on Friday September 12, 2014 Cash Bar Social Hour is at 6 p.m. - Dinner will be served at 7 p.m. In our ongoing efforts to bring additional funds to the local communities & the sponsoring church, we have a fund raising dinner event available for you for only $25.00 per person. Anyone wanting to attend is welcome, but we only have room for 150 people. The date was selected as it is the anniversary date of the flood of 2013. Those wanting to support this fun evening & their personal choice; please write your checks to the names suggested below and write that also in the memo line. Remember, only space for 150 people. For Big Elk Meadows Association, please make your check out to BEMA and write in the Memo line, Big Elk Meadows Association Assistance. (Roads, buildings community) For Big Elk Water Association, please make your check out to BEWA and write in the Memo line, Big Elk Water Association Assistance. (Water distributions system & dams) For the fire department, VFD of Big Elk, please make your check out to VFD of Big Elk and write in the Memo line, VFD of Big Elk Assistance. (Damage) For the damaged lower level of the Christian Church of Estes Park, help reconstruction by, making your check out to CCEP and write in the Memo line, CCEP Assistance. (Rebuild) For Pinewood Springs Fire Department, please make your check out to Pinewood Springs Fire Protection District and write in the Memo line, Pinewood Springs Fire Protection District Assistance. (Damage +)This will go toward the expansion of the Fire Department building and their Community Center. *****It is essential that you include the First name & Last name, address, phone & email address for each person attending so we can check back with you for confirmation. Please mail the check & Info to: Glenn Christensen, POB 2571, Lyons, 80540. This dinner is being donated by a person who wants to help the flood victims in the surrounding areas near Big Elk Meadows. All proceeds will go to the reconstruction of these local communities. Since I only have 150 paid dinners to share, please send your check in ASAP to assure you can attend. If you would like to contribute but cannot attend, we can earmark your donation/dinner to a volunteer who doesn't have the funds to pay. As I hope you are aware, the volunteers have done outstanding work for the benefit of all of us from the beginning and we cannot thank them enough. Remember, the full amount of your donation, will go to the charity of your choice! Any additional donation you might be prompted to do would be most welcome. Thank You! We are looking forward to your company at this gala celebration of our Anniversary. Chairman, Guy Scoma – 303-485-0711
Tuesday Aug 19 - 1:15pm
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Monday Aug 18 - 12:08pm Thank you, fifth donor, for helping our community via the VFD. The five donations come from Alabama, Colorado, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. We thank you for sharing our link on your FB pages!
Tuesday Aug 12 - 11:47pm
Monday Aug 4 - 9:41am
Last night ten VFD of Big Elk members responded to a search and rescue call. Allenspark Fire Department and Rocky Mountain Rescue were able to locate father/son by helicopter and hike to them. This morning VFD of Big Elk put out an abandoned campfire in the newly posted no campfire area - and got a plate number.
Monday Jul 28 - 12:29pm
Saturday Jul 26 - 9:29pm
We just got our second donation from a Lyons resident! Thank you so much for the extra care and donation! We'll be thanking you properly soon. Don't forget to share with everyone - - Just think - two days worth paid on our 4WD engine loan of $5000.
Friday Jul 25 - 6:53pm
We just got our first donation! And it comes from a friend who does not live in Colorado...YET. Designation - paying one day of a loan on our 4WD engine, on which we owe $5000, purchased from the East Coast.
Friday Jul 25 - 3:46pm
On the Colorado Gives web site it's not JUST one day of giving, it's instant giving any time you want to celebrate a person, an event, e.g., a birthday, a thank you for the person who does have everything and would much prefer giving goodness to a VFD, a birth, a tradition to give recurring gifts - $10 (minimum) a year for the rest of your life. Please share our link everywhere - on your emails, on your Facebook page. We thank you for any effort.
Friday Jul 25 - 3:40pm
Share everywhere! VFD of Big Elk is now officially part of Colorado Gives.
Sunday Jul 20 - 11:58am
Big Elk VFD added a new photo.
Friday Jul 18 - 7:39pm
Three pilots died during the Big Elk Fire of 2002 - this day marks the day two died in the WWII tanker. We never forget. We are humbled by the noble effort to put out a 5000 acre fire and saddened by the incredible loss.
Wednesday Jul 16 - 9:06am
Big Elk VFD commented on their own status.
Tuesday Jul 15 - 7:09pm
The VFD of Big Elk is on step 8 of the Colorado Gives profile - that means, we've submitted our profile and they've reviewed it and returned it for clarification and pesky little mistakes.
Sunday Jul 13 - 10:22am
A 911 tone this am - ten responded with two heading out on 4952 (an ATV equipped with water and foam) to put out another abandoned campfire. Fire Chief Nelson Renouf and Eno Compton III on scene. All is well. Remember, this Big Elk VFD puts out an average of 21 every year. Hoorah for the little VFD. Consider joining our fire department. Sometimes all you need to do is guide in the ambulance, open the firehouse doors, keep an account on those responding...if you're thinking you can't be a firefighter. Support is necessary, too.
Monday Jun 30 - 11:29pm Very small Fire in the park
Friday Jun 20 - 9:39pm
Big Elk VFD commented on their own photo.
Friday Jun 20 - 6:50pm
Granite Gulch Fire in Estes Park out by Glen Haven, 2 acres, helicopter, Estes Fire, Glen Haven and forest service are working it.
Monday Jun 16 - 3:28pm
If your Century Link service hasn't been turned back on yet call Neil. My service was restored a while ago but they didn't turn it back on. Neil just has to click a button. Neil Largent Store Manager, Retail 1805 29th St., Suite 1136, Boulder, Co 80301 Mailstop: COQ9830100 tel: 303.442.2011 cell: 720.985.3959 fax: 303.442.1173
Tuesday Jun 10 - 6:27pm
Colorado Gives Day registration UNDERWAY! Step 1 and 2 achieved. Step 3 is a doozy. Wish us luck to get the registration done in time for not only the actual day in December but mostly for the Mountain Strong project, an anniversary look at the flood and its impact on Estes Valley nonprofits. Coming in September.
Monday Jun 9 - 4:03pm
FYI - Big Elk will be participating in this anniversary project. Dear Mountain Strong for Nonprofit partners, Thank you for attending the recent Mountain Strong for Nonprofits workshop. We hope you are as excited about this project as we are! Workshop Evaluation We hope you found the workshop inspiring and helpful. Please share your feedback using the attached evaluation form. You can return it via mail to EPNRC, PO Box 4221, Estes Park, CO 80517 or scan and email it back to me at Workshop Recordings Two videos were produced from the workshop – one that shows the entire workshop and a shorter version that only captures the portion of the workshop on video production. You can watch both and download the handouts at Please share this link with your colleagues, board and volunteers to rally and educate your team about Mountain Strong for Nonprofits and your nonprofit’s video project. Borrow the Video Camera As discussed during the workshop, we have a high definition video camera, light and tripods that you can check out for filming your nonprofit’s story. Once you have outlined your video and determined what you need to film, you can check the camera out for 2 days. There is a calendar displaying the camera’s availability and a reservation request form at Additional Mountain Strong Info Sessions For anyone with questions about the collaborative or unable to attend the workshop, four information sessions will be held in the Wasson Room at the library: · Tuesday, June 10 at 5 pm · Friday, June 13 at 9 am · Monday, June 16 at 11 am · Thursday, June 19 at noon Please feel free to share this information with colleagues! Nonprofit Story Development Roundtable Start developing the story you’ll use to raise funds on the Mountain Strong for Nonprofits website! Join us for lunch on Thursday, June 12 to discuss what makes a story powerful and bat around different story ideas to help each other come up with inspiring video content. Announcement attached. Using Stories to Capture Hearts and Open Wallets Thursday, June 12 Noon-1:30pm Estes Valley Library, Wasson Room
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Mission Statement

As Volunteers and within the capabilities of our equipment and training, we are pledged to protect the people of the Big Elk Meadows community area from emergencies and natural disasters and to render assistance in the event of medical emergencies. Beyond immediate safety of our neighbors, we also strive to protect the forest that surround us and the homes in which we live.

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